Welcome to Polaris

Polaris is an AI-powered site reliability platform. Our goal is simple:

Build apps that people trust

Why use Polaris?

The user experience is the most important part of any application. A user experience includes many facets of your web application. One of the most important is reliability that leads to trust.

If your web application is unreliable the worst case scenario is that your users are reporting that the application is unresponsive, slow, or unavailable. And, let's be honest. Most of the time, your users are not going to let you know. Most of the time, they are just going to leave and possibly never come back.

The primary goal of site reliability is to minimize downtime and disruptions to the website's users. This is achieved by identifying potential failure points in a website's infrastructure, monitoring performance and user experience, and quickly resolving any issues that arise.

Polaris is an AI-powered platform that helps you build applications that people trust.

Key Features

  • AI-powered monitoring - Polaris uses AI to help you monitor your application's performance and user experience.
  • AI-powered insights - Polaris uses AI to help you understand the performance and user experience of your application.
  • AI-powered alerting - Polaris uses AI to predictably alert you when your application is experiencing reliability and performance issues.
  • Integrate with your existing tools - Polaris integrates with your existing tools for alerting, notifications, incident management, and more.
  • Built for developers - Polaris is built for developers and is easy to integrate into your existing workflows.
  • Lightweight JS SDK - Polaris is a lightweight JS SDK -- only 7kb gzipped -- that has minimal impact on the bundle size and runtime of your application.

What's new?

The Polaris Blog has all the latest news and updates.