We use AI so you don't have to be a reliability expert.

Polaris leverages the power of AI to assist with establishing SLIs and SLOs. This AI-driven approach simplifies the process of defining key performance indicators, enabling organizations to quickly identify areas that need attention.

Polaris is AI-powered

  1. It starts with adding Polaris to your critical workflows.: The first step to getting started with Polaris is measuring the latency and reliability of critical workflows and functionality in your web app. To do this, you'll install the Polaris JavaScript SDK and add a few lines of code to your web app to configure Polaris. From there, instrument the critical workflows and functionality using Polaris to start colling data about your web app's performance and reliability.
  2. Assisting with SLIs and SLOs: Polaris' AI-driven approach helps users define indicators and objectives based on the real-user measurements your app is sending to Polaris. Our AI suggests both attainable and aspirational objective based on industry best practices and your app's current performance and reliability.
  3. Easy-to-understand recommendations: You don't need to be a site reliability engineer to use Polaris. The Polaris AI provides clear and actionable insights and recommendations.

In summary, Polaris is intelligent - it learns from your app's performance and reliability data to provide clear and actionable insights and recommendations.

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