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Introducing Polaris

Reliability is your app's most important feature. But, there is a problem. Observability tools like DataDog, NewRelic, and Dynatrace are complex, expensive, and require installing agents on your servers.

Polaris starts with the user and measures the reliability of your web app from the user's perspective. We provide real-time incident detection.

And, we're changing the math on observability. Sign up for our free tier, and we'll give you 100k measurements per month at no cost.

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Get Started

Install the Polaris SDK into your web app and start measuring the reliability of your app.

Install the SDK

Install our lightweight (7kb gzipped) SDK into your web app. We also provide modules for popular JS frameworks.

npm install -S @getpolaris.ai/sdk
Instrument your app

Measure the success rate and duration of requests, critical workflows, events, and more. Attach custom data to measurements that you can use to segment and filter your indicators

import { measure } from '@getpolaris.ai/sdk';

// start measurement
const task = measure('auth-flow');

// measure error rate and latency
try {
  await auth.login(username, password);
    // add any custom data for the measurement
} catch (e) {
  task.fail({ error: e });

Define Indicators & Objectives

Collaborate with stakeholders to create reliability and performance objectives for your app in Polaris.

Define an Indicator

An indicator is a metric that shows how well your app is meeting performance goals.

Auth Flow Duration



Define a JavaScript predicate function to determine measurements that are included in an indicator within a window of time.

function main(measurement) {
  return measurement.eventName === 'auth-flow';
Define Objectives

The Polaris AI guides you to establish intelligent performance and reliability objectives for your app.

Be Alerted of Incidents

Receive real-time notifications if your app breaks your performance and reliability objectives.

Integrates with your tools

Polaris connects to your existing incident response and reliability services.


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