Why we built Polaris

As consultants and developers we needed a tool to measure anything. We needed real-time insights to make decisions, and we wanted to know when we broke things.

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm Brian Love - one of the founders here at Polaris.

In the past year, my friend and co-founder Mike Ryan and I have talked to hundreds of people about Polaris. We've learned a lot about what developers are struggling with, and one thing is clear: we need a simple tool to measure and monitor just about anything.

Born from the necessity to measure real user performance of web apps, we looked around and tried a few of the existing tools. We felt the existing tools just didn't cut it. They were big, bloated, cobbled together through acquisitions, and frankly, too damn expensive.

We wanted dev analytics and monitoring in one tool. To avoid embarrassing meetings we needed to know when we broke something. So, we needed real-time notifications when an objective threshold was breached. This helped us stay ahead of performance degradations and outages.

With Polaris you can measure a web app's core web vitals, runtime performance, and reliability. But, that's just the start. What if we can use the same tool to measure our business functions? What if the same tool can measure our CI pipelines?

The truth is we are just starting on this journey. We hope you'll join us, and we hope to hear from you. We are eager to listen to feedback, praise, and criticism.

Thanks for reading and for giving Polaris a try. You can always email me directly at brian@getpolaris.ai.

Brian Love

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